Push-To-Talk Apps That Convert Smart Phones Into Walky Talky

Push-To-Talk Apps That Convert Smart Phones Into Walky Talky

45Most of the smart phones launched these days include a wide range of apps and one of the most interesting apps is the Voxer walky talky apps. Although it is a vague reminiscent of Nextel, it offers more value than the Nextel feature. It is even simpler to use the Voxer apps and therefore it has become quite popular among most of the smart phone users.

Popularity of Voxer Apps:

It is quiet easy to use Voxer as it can be downloaded from any of the apps stores such as android or iPhone stores. To start, log in with the Facebook or create a new identity. Connect it to the address book of the phone and start chatting with your friends. Hold the talk button so as to record a message for another friend. Group talks and conversations can be made easily with this modern app. Text messages can also be sent within the flow of conversation.

The user interface of Voxer is quite simple which explains the reason for its widespread usage. It is quite easy to find the talk button in the Voxer apps which is another added advantage of using this mobile app. Most of the other apps include complex applications which make it difficult to locate the talk button.

However, there are two privacy problems which are related to the set-up of the app. Before completing the set up process, the app requires the phone number of the user. However, the Facebook information can be used to solve this issue. The next issue that arises before the completion of the set up task is that the app requires the complete phone list or contact list. Nevertheless, the user can choose ‘privacy mode’ before completing the set-up process.

Once the set up process is over, many active conversations pop-up on the phone display screen. An automatic notification is sent by every friend chosen for the conversation. It is easy to skip through the messages and fast forward the messages if it is too long. Apart from these features, geotag photos and texts, live stream messages and so forth are some of the other attractive features of this app.

Smartphone with walky talky apps is worth the price as it includes an offline message option. If the signal is lost while voice recording process, the message is sent automatically by the system once the signal is regained.

Push to Talk Apps:

The iPTT is among the most commonly used push to talk apps provided by the app stores. It offers various communicating options such as the whisper which includes conversation between a group, one-to-many group communications and straight conversation with a friend.

The TiKL walky talky app is another excellent push to talk app which requires a data plan and a phone list. This app supports push to talk calls and group messaging.

HeyTell and Zello are other two types of apps which support push to call options. HeyTell is quite similar to Voxer but it can be customized easily.

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